How to write a sensory poem

How to start?

  • Brainstorm the emotions Katniss experiences.
  • Choose one emotion for the poem.
  • Associate the emotion with the five senses (taste, smell, feel, sound, look).
  • The last line of the poem will include a metaphor of the emotion.

Writing template

Title (Emotion)

  • (First line) (Emotion) is (color)
  • (Second line) What does the emotion taste like?
  • (Third line) What does the emotion smell like?
  • (Fourth line) What does the emotion feel like?
  • (Fifth line) What does the emotion sound like?
  • (Sixth line) What does the emotion look like?
  • (Seventh line) (Emotion) is _____________(include a metaphor).

Example to look at


Frustration is beige.

It tastes like burnt oatmeal

and smells like the pages between an old book.

It feels like choking and gasping for air in a smoke-filled room

and sounds like the drone of locusts on a summer’s day. (svärm av syrsor)

It looks like the fingernail dents in the palm of my hand

Frustration is an empty well at the edge of a desert.




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