This week’s work – futuristic jobs and technologies

As you start to finish off your dystopian writing you now have the chance to show off some skills in English by either reading, talking, listening or writing about some futuristic things. It’s up to you to decide what to work with. Ask med for guidance if you don’t know what to improve.

Futuristic jobs

  • You can choose to read about jobs that are likely to appear in 15 years from now here. For instance they think that a job we will need is a robot counsellor. Write about some works you think is likely to be needed and why you think so. You could also retell some articles to a friend and se if you’ll match the up the criteria.

  • In the articles you will also find out about jobs that we have today like teacher. What will change in school and what do pupils and teachers have to face? What skills are important that we work with in school? Is it still reading, listening, talking, and writing? Do we have to focus on somehting different?
  • Can you come up with your own ideas of jobs? Write a list and some criteria and descriptions of them.

Futuristic technologies

  • In this article you can read about ten futuristic technologies that are likely to appear in 15 years. What do you think about them and can you think of other technologies that we need and should be invented? Talk to a friend or write about them.
  • In this video you can se how they make a heart. Discuss the video with a friend.
  • And in this video you can se how Google glass works. Discuss the video with a friend.


Do you have some more ideas don’t be afraid to ask me if you can do that as long as it has to do with the future.



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