Whom can you Trust?

Vi kommer att titta på en film som heter Trust i klassen och diskutera filmen efter utefter dessa frågor:

  • At what moment do you think Annie should have dumped Charlie?
  • What does he do and say to persuade her to come with him?
  • Why do you think she goes with him to the hotel and agrees to put on the underwear?
  • Why do you think she wants to get in contact with him after the assault?
  • Annie’s friend told a grown-up in school about what happened. Right or wrong?
  • Annie’s father works with advertising and leads a campaign with young people wearing very little clothes. Does he have any responsability for the sexualisation in society?
  • Annie didn’t scream or try to run away during the assault. Do you still think it was a rape?
  •  Why do you think Annie defends Charlie after the assault and tries to diminish its gravity?
  • Do you think that adolescents should have restrictions on using the Internet? Why? Why not?
  •  Has anybody ever tried to fool you about who they are at the internet?
  • Many girls put pictures of themselves in daring positions on the internet. Why? What signals does that send to other people?
  • Do you think girls in general have less self-esteem than boys? If yes, do you have any idea about why?

Ni kan även titta på filmen nedan för att få lite tips på vad gromning är och hur du kan skydda dig på nätet.



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