To read and to use strategies


läsa, tolka och förstå text samt användandet av strategier

Att göra:

We are going to read a text about a girl named Zelda. You will work with your new knowledge of how to use strategies for understanding a word.

You will get the texts in class and you can read them on your own or together in pairs.

After the reading you are going to answer some questions. This you do on your own. The questions are questions you can find in the text, but also questions where you have to think a bit. You have to motivate your answers.

You are also going to work with words for a deeper meaning. Here you have to use strategies and make sure you use the strategies I have showed you. You will have use of them on the national test later on.

We are going to use the reading strategies I have posted in class.

The pictues I have found here.



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