My Fears in a Dystopian Environment

To do:

We will watch a movie clip from Divergent and I will read some of the text for you. Then you will write a text of your own fears.

The text:

The excerpt is about the person Four and his fears. We will discuss this in class. Can you find his four fears? The text you find here.

The movie clip:

You should then write a text about your own fears – see below. This will be your final assignment for assessment.

Writing assignment – MY FEARS

Four has four fears hence his name. Most people have ten to fifteen fears. What are your fears? The novices get serum injected and are exposed to their fears. How would your fears be described in this landscape?

In the writing assignment I want you to show what it looks like in the environment and how you react to the things you are exposed to. You should use the things we have studied about environmental and personal descriptions. It is enough that you develop a fear, but you should do it so it feels like we as readers are there. Use creative descriptions; describe what the person is doing and what it looks like. You can write about yourself in first person or third person.

You will be working with peer assessment of the text before you hand it in.



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