We are creating a newscast – planning

A news report

To develop: to write and speak about something that matters to you. You should use sources and value them. You should develop your way of motivating your opinions and to create a news program.

To do:

The topics for the news report

We start off by looking at a news report on the same issue. Then I want you to create a news report and record it on your own.  The topics for the news report are based on this site: http://vote.myworld2015.org/

Below you can see some of the topics.

news report

You should write a script, which you hand in, and also record it in iMovie so it looks like a news program, which we all will watch.


1. Collect information from different sources

Have a look at the website and choose a topic that engages you most. Then look for information to base your script on. You will get a template for this script. I want you to use three different sources and you should make a reference list. This is to make sure that the information given is true.

2. Prepare a news report

When you have collected the information you should structure your work and write a news report so you have something to base your news report on. Here it is important that you are neutral in your opinions but give us specific details and facts.

3. Vote and make up your opinion

We will listen to all news report made by you and then have a vote on the website above.

Examples made by pupils


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