Writing on the wall – by Banksy

To do: you will learn some more about the background to his paintings and we will focus on some of them and do a analyze fo them. We will do this orally.


Here is a timeline of Banksy´s art. It gives us the story of where he started his graffiti and and when he started his stencil work. You will also find out what brandalism is, and learn some about his exhibition and when he travelled to the Mid East. Banksy´s art is not seen upon as a vandalism nowadays but as money spinnig oportunities.

Analysis of his art

Here are some of his art on Flickr.

We are going to analyze some of Banksy´s paintings. When we look at the pictures above try to answer these questions:

  1. Describe the picture to each other? What do you see?
  2. Is there anything strange about the picture? What?
  3. Is the picture trying to tell us anything political? What?
  4. Can you see any similarities between any of the paintings?


Match up

Match up the paintings with their names on this page if you have some time. Here is a listening exercise where you match up the paintings with a description.

Next lesson you will start your writing based on one of the paintings you have come across.



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