My hero – writing assignment

Who is your hero?

You are going to prepare a writing assignment – My hero. Before we start we will come up with a list of persons to write about. We will do this together in AnswerGarden.

How will this be done?

When you have chosen a person you should find out more about the person. You have to search on the Internet and find reliable sources. Remember to save the links so I can have a look at them and for you to be able to go back. You do this assignment on your own by using the template below.

My hero template

Make sure the following is included:

  • What was the problem for your hero?
  • Describe the person and who he/she was.
  • What did the person do?
  • When did this take place?
  • What consequences did this have?
  • Would you have done the same thing?

Use this handout about Source criticism:


When you have finished your writing show it to me and I will give you feedback on it. Perhaps you will have to include something or you have some mistakes to correct. When you have done the correction hand it in to me.


You will all present your work in groups so we get to know a bit more about some other heroes. How we will divide this we have to decide later on when we know who you chose to work with. We will also publish some of it online, so decide if you want to make a short movie or a text about your hero.

Författare: annikasjodahl

My name is Annika and I am a Swedish and English teacher at Gröna Dalenskolan in Bålsta, Sweden. I teach year 7-9 with 13 to 15-year-old pupils. My former school participated in the largest KA2 project in Sweden where we were seven schools from six countries called "Die Kinder von Europia: Schule, Arbeit und Leben in 100 Jahren" coordinated by my former colleague Emelie Hahn, who 2016 won the European Language Label for that project. In my gallery have some pictures from a trip. I also give lectures in Sweden about my ICT work and my international work and have also been to Riga within Erasmus+ giving lectures in English. I have one of the larges blogs in Sweden where I write about teaching methods etc.


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