Evaluation of My Hero

Evaluation at the end

  • Must heroes be good humans?
  • Do they need to be humans?
  • Is a hero always brave?
  • Can a selfish person be a hero?
  • Do you think the same about heroes today as you did when we started this project?
  • Do you still wish to know something about heroes that you don’t know today?
  • Do you know something more today about heroes?
  • Did you finish your writing?
  • How much effort did you put in to this project? Compare to what you said in the beginning of the project. Is is achieved, below or above your expactations? What affected it?
  • Do you want to publish your work online?

Write in you books and compare to your first reflections before we started the theme. Can you see anything that you want to share with us. Please write it here on this padlet



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