The writing part (NP eng)

We will focus on the writing before the national test in English. We will write this letter together on the SmartBoard, before you will write your own letter. Here are som old examples. If you would like to see the letter in full scale click here.

a letter to connect

After that we will have a look at some real texts written by pupils that took the test. I want you, in groups, to focus on the criteria for writing and here is the one to the test. When that is done I want you to share what you think were good with the texts and what could be improved.

Summary of your discussions of what is important to think about when you write
Summary of your discussions of what is important to think about when you write

Finally we will go back to the texts you wrote and you will get a chance to improve them from what you have learnt from the discussions.

This is the criteria for this assignment:

In oral and written interaction in different contexts, pupils can express themselves simply and understandably and also to some extent adapted to purpose, recipient and situation. In addition, pupils can choose and apply basically functional strategies which to some extent solve problems and improve
their interaction.



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