We are Virtual Globetrotters

Next week you will work with our visitors from Germany and you will together write a blog post about one of the countries included in the project. The instructions can be found here.

I will assign a country to each group.

The blog text will be published on the Erasmus blog eurokids100.wordpress.com.

Good luck!

Here are some pictures from the class.


How to make a cut-up poem

You will create poems with a technique called cut-up .

How to do it :

  • Choose a poem
  • Take a pair scissors
  • Cut out the words into chunks
  • Put each word in a bag
  • Shake gently
  • Take out one word at a time
  • Place them on the table. You can put them in the same order in which they left the bag or organize them
  • When you are satisfied glue them on a piece of paper with the original poem next to the cut-up

You could also use magazines like this: