We are Virtual Globetrotters

Next week you will work with our visitors from Germany and you will together write a blog post about one of the countries included in the project. The instructions can be found here.

I will assign a country to each group.

The blog text will be published on the Erasmus blog eurokids100.wordpress.com.

Good luck!

Here are some pictures from the class.


En stödmall för ert skrivande

Med följande stödmall kan ni utveckla ert skrivande med mer beskrivningar, jämförelser, förklaringar och diskussioner från olika perspektiv. Vi har gjort en mindmap på tavlan och detta är summeringen av den.

compare_explain writing

How to make a cut-up poem

You will create poems with a technique called cut-up .

How to do it :

  • Choose a poem
  • Take a pair scissors
  • Cut out the words into chunks
  • Put each word in a bag
  • Shake gently
  • Take out one word at a time
  • Place them on the table. You can put them in the same order in which they left the bag or organize them
  • When you are satisfied glue them on a piece of paper with the original poem next to the cut-up

You could also use magazines like this: